How to Beat Overwhelm

At the start of each year I sit down at my desk to plan for the year ahead. But more often than not I immediately feel overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done and all of the ideas I want to implement. And that makes me want to get right back up walk into the kitchen to find some leftover Christmas cookies, then lay down on the couch and take a nap. Because just thinking about all that work makes me exhausted.

How to Beat Overwhelm by Just Maggie Mentoring - Advice and Education for Portrait Photographers

Okay, I don’t actually go get the cookies, instead I take a deep breath and remind myself of how to handle that feeling of being overwhelmed.

Beating Overwhelm

1. Get it All Out –
Start by getting every single idea in your head out and down on paper, or your computer. I prefer the computer to make it easier to do the follow the next steps. I love using Wunderlist for this, so that I can create different to do lists and then drag and drop different items into each list.

2. Organize It –
I next take my enormous list and I put them into separate category lists (Marketing, Business Planning, Systems & Organization, Customer Service, Bookkeeping, Education, etc.). Everything on my list goes into a different category.

3. Prioritize It –
Next I prioritize which order these categories need to be tackled in. Which is most important or needs to be taken care of first.

4. Schedule It –
Break each item down into the individual tasks that need to be done to complete that item, give it a due date, and then put each task on your calendar. Try to be realistic about how long each task will take you and how much you can get done in a day.

I’d love to hear your tricks to beat overwhelm! Get in touch!


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