Four For Friday: Snow, a Portrait Session, and Announcements

1. I want to remind everyone to subscribe to the newsletter! Just use the link at the top of the page. The March issue should be out by Monday (I know I said today, but you’ll just have to wait a couple days! Sorry!)

2. It did snow last weekend!! For about five minutes! Fun!

3. I did a portrait session for Audrey’s first birthday at the Santa Barbara Zoo last weekend. We had a great time! And I got so many great photos! I can’t wait to show you all! For now here’s one of my favorite shots from Audrey’s Six Month Portraits:

4. Don’t forget, next week I’ll have announcements about the release of my How to Shoot Your Kids ebook, the next Installment of my How to Shoot Your Kids Workshop, Mother’s Day Mini Sessions, and possibly my next Boudoir Session Day. Big Week!

Remember to email me at to get on my Boudoir waiting list. The list gets the first chance to fill the slots for my Boudoir Session Days!

(p.s. I just had Josh change my watermark so that it is in a border on my images on the web page so that I don’t have to add it manually to the image in Photoshop before I upload it to the web, so you may see a double watermark on old images, and a few new ones that I worked on before the change! Sorry, if it’s annoying, but it makes my life easier just to leave it with the double watermark!)

Four For Friday: My Birthday, Valentine’s Day, and Sickness

1. I had a fantastic 29th birthday! You can read about it over at Making Me Cranky, here & here.

2. Valentine’s Day was lovely. I made rice krispie treats and chocolate covered strawberries for Eleanor’s class and designed a very cute photo valentine for her to give to her classmates. And Josh and I had a nice dinner at home together after Eleanor had gone to bed. Very nice and low key.

3. We were struck with illness for two weekends in a row! Eleanor was sick right before Valentine’s day. And both Josh and Eleanor were sick last weekend, which made finishing preparations for my How to Shoot Your Kids workshop a tad difficult!

The workshop was fantastic though, thank you to everyone who came out! I hope you all had as much fun as I did and I hope you learned how to make those everyday photos of your kids into something special! Look for an announcement about my next workshop in the next two weeks!

4. It’s supposed to snow in my area…in Southern California…again tomorrow! Crazy! I’ll try to get more snow photos this time!


  • I’m sorry your house was struck by the sickness, too. No fun. I am NOT going tell K that you made heart shaped rice krispy treats for Eleanor’s class. She’d be SOOOO jealous. (I’m jealous!) Good job, mama.

  • Happy belated birthday! I had a great time at the workshop, too, and have since employed a few of the tricks I learned… though I still need to find that magic f-stop button. : )

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