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Four for Friday: Butterfly Girl & George Tekai

1. I’m busy trying to get back into my normal routine, but (surprise, surprise!) it is tough running a business with a newborn and a preschooler at home with you all day! But thankfully Eleanor goes back to school for her preschool’s summer program next week! AND George is getting on a good nap schedule so he’s giving me several 2-3 hour blocks of uninterrupted time a day.

I’m starting to get the hang of this whole parent of two thing! We’ve even gone on some outings together! Including our favorite museum, the Natural History Museum‘s bug fair. We didn’t stay long, but both kids had a great time. George slept in his stroller the whole time and Eleanor had fun checking out all the bugs and having a butterfly painted on her face!

2. Eleanor had her dance recital two weekends ago! It was about the cutest thing ever! All these 3 and 4 year olds dancing completely out of sync to “You are my Sunshine” in the most adorable yellow costumes. Eleanor is the second from the left with her arms in the air.

3. I was thrilled to get to attend and shoot two fantastic events recently. I’ll be blogging about them each in full later. But here is a sneak peek for now!

The first, I was hired by the Mayor’s office to shoot the City of Los Angeles’ Opening Ceremony of LGBT Heritage Month. George Takei received the Hope of Los Angeles Award, so you know I had to get a picture with him! (Thanks to Tessa for getting this shot for me!)

The second was LActravanganza, an event at the LA County Museum of Art supporting the rights of women to breastfeed in public. It was organized by a woman who was asked to cover up by a guard at LACMA last month. After apologizing for the incident the museum asked her back and welcomed this fun event celebrating Mamas and Babies!

4. Lastly, sadly the winner of my New Love Baby’s First Year Collection Giveaway had to decline her win! So I did another random drawing of the entrants and #23 Melinda was the winner! I’ve already spoken with her and she is beyond thrilled! We’ll be shooting her Maternity Portraits in August! I can’t wait!

Newborn Joey – Los Angeles Newborn Photographer

Welcome to the world Joey! Just 9 days old when you came to my home studio with mom and dad. It was such a pleasure to meet you! I’ve known your mommy since we were teenagers, the younger sister of one of my closest friends. With her kind heart and cheerful nature, it was easy to see what a wonderful and loving Momma she would be to you someday, and now she and your Daddy have you and you are already a sweet and beautiful boy. I am so excited to watch you grow!

Thank you to Kaitlin & Joe for introducing me to your little one!

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