Ice Cream Adventures – Afters Ice Cream Pasadena

Confession: I’m a workaholic. I absolutely love what I do, so I have a tendency to prefer working over pretty much anything else. Which is why when someone recently asked what I did for fun, I didn’t really have an answer. “Well, I watch Netflix and eat ice cream with my husband after the kids are in bed.” To which she responded, “So, you don’t ever go and do anything” Ummmm, yeah no, I really don’t. And the, “wow, that’s sad” look on her face made me think that maybe I should start doing something. So I spent some time thinking about the things I enjoy that Josh and the kids might enjoy too. And that’s when I came up with the Ice Cream Adventure.

Ice Cream is truly one of my great joys in life, I prefer it over any other treat, just a small scoop of that rich creamy deliciousness and I am one happy lady. So I decided that we would spend our weekends taste testing the very best ice cream shops L.A. has to offer meanwhile checking out some parts of the city we don’t get to visit often enough.

I started with some research on what were considered the best in town and I created a Google Map as a guide for us to use on our weekend adventures. We started in Pasadena at Afters Ice Cream.


Afters is a vintage gas station turned into an ice cream stand.

AftersIceCreamPasadena02 AftersIceCreamPasadena03 AftersIceCreamPasadena04 AftersIceCreamPasadena05

They are known for their Milk Bun Ice Cream Sandwich, picture a cookie ice cream sandwich but instead of cookies doughnuts! Eleanor had one and loved it!


I’m an ice cream purist though, I prefer just a scoop nothing extra. I couldn’t decide on just one so I a scoop of the Jasmine Milk Tea and the Vietnamese Coffee. Both were amazing!

AftersIceCreamPasadena06 AftersIceCreamPasadena08 AftersIceCreamPasadena09

Josh had the mint monster, Eleanor had Cookie Monster and George had the Blueberry Acai. All were really tasty! This place is going to be tough to top!

AftersIceCreamPasadena10 AftersIceCreamPasadena11

Celebrate Motherhood – Spring Mini Sessions

Motherhood is an experience like no other. It is a gift and a challenge. As mothers, we are the nurturers, the hands to hold, the soft place to fall. Every day we teach, protect, empower, and inspire. We are strength and compassion, loving our children with everything we have.

Motherhood is precious and should be remembered, but I know that as a mother myself I am always on the other side of the camera. I am capturing memories, but I am missing from so many of those moments. When my children look back at the photos of their childhood they will know I was there, but they won’t see the way they made me laugh, smile, and radiate with pride. They won’t see that look of pure love in my eyes.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to be guilty of this. Most of us shy away from the camera and are so busy making the memories for our children that we aren’t captured in them. It is time to change that. This is your moment to step in front of the camera and turn the overwhelming love you have for your children into a work of art that can hang on your wall for years to come. I want to help you do that.

It’s time for our popular, Celebrate Motherhood Mini Sessions.

Spring Mother's Day Mini Sessions by Just Maggie Photography - Los Angeles Family Photographer

Sessions will be held on Saturday April 22nd with studio sessions available in the morning and special outdoor WILDFLOWER sessions in the afternoon. Session Fee is $95 to book, portrait collections begin at $225. Portraits will be delivered by Mother’s Day!

Contact us now for more information and to book.

Do it now before they grow any bigger. You don’t get this time in their lives back. This time when Mommy was the most important person in the world to them.

Why Family Portraits Matter

There are a lot of snapshots from my childhood. Photos of me and my brothers and sister at the beach, at holidays, playing together in our backyard. There are even some shots of us with my dad, but looking through our family photos it’s almost impossible to find a photo of my mom. There’s the one of her pregnant with my twin brothers, and the one of her at Easter with an amazing perm. And there are no portraits of my whole family all together. No portraits showing me what we looked like all together as we grew through the years.

There’s a saying I love, “The days are long but the years are short,” that reminds us that the time we have with our kids at any age is fleeting. Sometimes it may seem like otherwise, when they are painting the wall with mac and cheese or when they are singing ‘Let It Go’ for the thirty-fourth time today. But then it seems like all you do is blink and your baby is in high school.

With your precious family time flying by so quickly, family portraits matter. Recording memories matters. Setting aside just a few hours every year to capture your family’s love and unique relationship truly has the biggest return on investment of anything your family will do together. These will be images that your daughter collects when she makes a slideshow for her wedding or the images that your grandchildren pore over to see what their dad used to look like.

I believe that annual family portraits are more precious than anything else you could buy. These are the things that childhood memories are made up of. These are the moments that your kids will be looking for in twenty years.

Most of all, I believe that Mom needs to get in front of the camera, instead of always behind. Don’t make your kids have to search for the one moment that you were all in a photo together. Think about how much your own mom was part of your childhood, and how much you wish you could see that when you look at your family photos. You are the most important person in your child’s life, make sure you exist in photos for them.



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